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Womp womp.. Hawks lose Game 2 in OT 3-4

Blues win first 2 games in the series

This game got out of hand pretty quickly. SERIOUSLY 7 FREAKING SECONDS AND THEY COULDNT HOLD ON WHAT THE FRIGGIN FUCK. Like the last game Blues win in the last seconds! The Blues though were on a PP but still what the hell happened in those two times?!
Pretty sure Seabrook is out for a couple games because DAMN! his hot on Backes. that is all

Ryan Miller can I just say is still amazing.

Game 3 is on Monday back in Chicago and lord help me hopefully they win 1 or they’re for sure gone.
Then again last year the Kings lost the first 2 to St. Louis and look where that got them.

Hawks just have to re group and go back home. They have to stay out of the box. I really have no idea what else they can do though.

Okay my opinion though is that Blues will win this series and maybe the Stanley cup, I’m leaning towards them or the Avs or the Bruins to win.

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