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So season 19 has started!

So the celebs I like for this season are Alfonso, Jonathan “I look better with my hair pushed back”, Bethany, Janel and Sadie.

So the first week was okay, I’m not overly ecstatic over the cast unlike the last 2 seasons but I seriously am happy to see Lolo gone. I’m sorry but the way she handled herself after her disastrous dance was one of the most unsportsmanlike conduct I’ve ever seen, and she’s supposed to be an Olympian athlete… unsuccessful one at that. She was just so disappointed which I get but the way she handled the critiques in the end and she left Keo hanging on a high five!! Like Betsey Johnson was a better sport than her! Seriously so far from what I’ve seen with Lolo Jones, she seems to be a very u likable person but hey what do I know that’s just my opinion. She might be awesome without an amount of pressure and just chilling out.

So Im hoping that Witney and Alfonso go far because they’re my favorite then maybe Janel and Val and then Bethany and Sadie! But Val and Janel…. So cute! haha

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