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shawcago asked:

i love your little analysis of each game :) its easy to tell that you put a lot of effort into it!

Haha thanks! yeah at first I did it just for fun but now I find myself always doing the analysis and I guess it was originally more for me but I appreciate people who actually take their time to look at it! haha. its usually very long but whatevs. Its a great way to find out what people thought of the game too. 

elizabeth317 asked:

Ok!! HELP!!! I need a present for Megan and Lisa but I dont know what to get!!!!!!!!

For Megan I was thinking probably like a cute shirt and then some jewelry and stuff

And then for Lisa, iTunes giftcard( maybe?? Cuz she loves music, but I feel like everyone is going to get her that) and then maybe something to do with tennis

Any ideas??

wait when is megans birthday? is it the same day as the end of school thing? hmmmm idk exactly what megan likes but for lisa yeah like thats what i get everyone!! lol. who doesnt love itunes? maybe just give cash? 

elizabeth317 asked:

OMFG!! I LOVE SEGUIN!!!! IM LIKE ACTUALLY IN LOVE WITH HIM!!!!!!!!! OK...... I have many.....

- Vladimir Sobotka
- The Staal brothers (four brothers and theyre alllll gorgeous!!!)
- Mike Green
- Brooks Laich
- Jeff Skinner (hes not hot but sooooo cute!!!)
-Ryan Kesler
ill give u more, right now i cant think of any

hahaha ok! thanks!!:D ill look them up! haha

kaydeeshay asked:

AAAHHHH! You're so lucky that you live close enough that you got to see Haley in concert. She is so awesome, I've been rooting for her all season. If she doesn't win, I'll be crushed. Did you actually get to SPEAK to her? Is she nice? Cause obviously people are talking bad about her because of the "attitude" and everything, but I just don't see it...

Haha thanks.! She is awesome, and her voice is just pure awesomeness. We actually didnt get to talk to her because she was on a makeshift stage and the audience was a good 15 ft or so away from her, my friend and I were probably like a 100 ft away. lol. I dont believe other people saying bad things because she seemed so nice and thankful to all the fans that were there. I actually think that she stayed a little over than she was supposed to! She couldnt leave because fans, including my friend and I, were screaming WE LOVE YOU HALEY! haha so yeah. it was an awesome experience!

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