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meet the blogger

name: Danielle
nickname: Ranges from Dan, Dani, DD, Double D (because of my last name being David)
height: 5’2”
relationship status: Single
birthday: November 12
favorite color: Purple 
favorite singer/band: Right now its Zac Brown Band
last song listened: Timber
last movie watched: Captain Philips
favorite book: N/A I can’t choose
currently reading: City of Ashes
siblings?: 2 younger brothers
pets?: a Bischon Frise 
best school subject: in college so far English
mac or pc?: Mac
cell phone type: iPhone 5c
current shirt color: Red
day or night?: Night
summer or winter?: Winter 
most-visited website?: 3 way Tie between Tumblr/twitter/pinterest
celebrity crushes: Too many

(Source: gamerchickplayerone)

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